John L. DeGrazier Lodge #1349 welcomes you to our website. This site is to inform you about our organization, history, and community involvement. Fraternal greetings to all fellow Masons from the officers and members of the lodge, equally welcomed are visitors. John L. DeGrazier #1349 operates under the Constitution of the GRAND LODGE OF TEXAS and is one of many lodges located in the city of Dallas, Texas.

We hope non-Masonic visitors are motivated to learn more about the philosophy, tenets, and purpose of our great fraternity.

About Us

About John L. DeGrazier Lodge #1349

John L. DeGrazier Lodge #1349, A.F. & A.M. was founded in January 1955 under the authority of the Grand Lodge of Texas of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons. The John L. DeGrazier lodge is located at 5300 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX 75244 and is in Masonic District 14F.

Although DeGrazier Lodge #1349 owns the building, this building is also the home to Keystone Lodge #1143, Dallas Lodge #760, Order of the Eastern Star, Richard H. Rose Chapter Order of DeMolay, and Dallas Assembly #33 International Order of Rainbow Girls.

Eastern Star

Eastern Star

Eastern Star is a social order comprised of persons with spiritual values, but it is not a religion. The Order of the Eastern Star is a Masonic-related fraternity of women and men dedicated to charity, truth and loving kindness. Although not a part of the Masonic fraternity, membership is based on a Masonic affiliation or relationship, a belief in God, and a desire to acquire additional knowledge and for self improvement.

The degrees of the Order of the Eastern Star teach lessons of fidelity, constancy, loyalty, faith and love. These degrees are presented in a beautiful ritualistic ceremony designed to not only teach the lessons, but also to provide insight for future study and understanding.

Order Of Demolay

DeMolay Emblem

The Order of DeMolay is a Masonic youth group for boys and was founded in 1919 in Kansas City, Missouri by Frank S. Land. His intention was to create a club for young men to learn life and leadership skills. With World War I raging in Europe, many of these young men had no father at home, and Frank Land became a kind of guide and father figure for them. He was awarded the honorary title of "Dad" by the first group of DeMolays, a title which has since been passed on to every Advisor of a DeMolay Chapter.

For more information about joining the Richard H. Rose Chapter, Order of DeMolay, please Email us at psmc.hawaii@gmail.com

Rainbow Girls

Texas International Order of the Rainbow for Girls

Texas International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is the only youth club for girls that teaches what matters most- leadership, confidence, and citizenship. Rainbow welcomes girls between the ages of 11 and 20, regardless of their race or religious background.

Rainbow Girls volunteer for their community and travel around the world, visiting other clubs and making lots of new friends. Along the way, they gather invaluable life skills that help them become the best daughter, sister, student, and friend they can be.

For more information about joining our local Assembly  DeGrazier Dallas #33, please Email us at: dallasrainbow@yahoo.com.

Articles & Books


Masonry In Texas

A short paper on Masonry In Texas from the Grand Lodge of Texas.


Texas Masonic Pride

A short history on the beginnings of Texas Masonry from the Grand Lodge of Texas.

INSIDE THE MASON, by Jay Tolson US News 2005

Inside The Mason

The fraternal order has long been the target of conspiracy theories and hoaxes. Here's the real story. By Jay Tolson September 5, 2005

The 1820s looked as though they would be the best of times for the special relationship between the fraternal order of Freemasonry and the young American nation...

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